Welcome to the AVR, ATtiny, Si5351A, Assembler Code Tutorial...a mouth full
Objective is to control the Si53531A Clock Chip with AVR Processors via ASM code.

We are using free software from expresspcb.com to develop schematics and PCBs
I can email you the older version that I am using...runs on Windows and Linux via Wine

You will also need an AVR programmer to connect between your computer and target AVR hardware.
This item from https://mouser.com will do the trick - Mouser Part # 909-AVR-ISP-MK2
You will also need a USB type A to USB type B cable

The learning curve starts with the ATtinyxx: Click me for all ATtiny sub-Projects
Folder '101' reviews the basic setup and shows boiler plate firmware for all the sub-projects.
Folder '102' makes an LED blink without interrupts.
Folder '103' makes an LED blink with interrupts.
Folder '104' will make the Si5351A sing...pending

Click me for all the ATtinyxx sub-Projects

73, Diz, W8DIZ, w8diz at kitsandparts dot com

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