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List of Spec Sheets
NE602AN, 5 for $10.00
Gilbert Cell Mixer 8 pin DIP (better specs than SA612AN)
SA612AN Use the better spec NE602AN mixer
2N2219A, 4 for $5.00
300 MHz Osc, RF Amplifier, Driver
2N5109, 3 for $9.00
1200 MHz Osc, RF Amplifier, Driver
MPSH10, 20 for $4.00
VHF/UHF Osc, RF Amplifier
RD16HHF1, 2 for $10.00
HF RF MOSFET Amp 16W, Source Case
nopix BD139-16 TO-126, 6 for $3.00
5 Watt 2-18 MHz RF Amp, Neutral Case (tab)
PN2222A, 50 for $3.00
NPN HF RF Amplifier
2N3904, 50 for $3.00
NPN General Purpose Amplifier
2N3906, 50 for $3.00
PNP General Purpose Amplifier
MC1349, 3 for $5.00
RF IF Amplifier IC DIP
MC1350P, 3 for $5.00
RF IF Amplifier IC DIP
NE5534AP, 5 for $5.00
Low-Noise Operational Amplifier
LM-386N-4, 5 for $4.00
Audio Amplifier
MVAM109, 5 for $6.00
Varactor 460pF@1V 35pF@8V TO92
MV209, 5 for $4.00
Varactor TO92
1N5711, 10 for $2.00
Schottky signal diode
MPN3700, 6 for $4.00
PIN Diodes
MMBV3700LT1G, 6 for $3.00
PIN Diodes - SOT-23 surface mount
2N7000, 25 for $3.50
N-channel MosFet
BS170, 25 for $4.50
N-channel MosFet
J310, 12 for $4.00
J-Fet RF amp/oscillator
Phone Jack, 4 for $4.00
Phone Jack 3.5 mm chassis mount with nut

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