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What is the multiPIG+

The multiPIG+ is an
All Band, High Performance 160-10 Meter Ham Band CW Transceiver
designed for the Radio Experimenter.

The multiPIG+ is the antithesis of the KenwoodIcomYaesu rice box. It is NOT designed for the beginner but IS designed for hams and hobbyists with the ability to use an ohm meter and those that have a fair understanding of HF RF. If building and operating a high quality QRP CW transceiver that is easily modified is appealing, then the MP+ may be for you.

This is NOT a paint by number Radio Kit, but a design in progress that will have future suggested improvements, ideas, enhancements and updates. It is an experimenters radio.

    HISTORY: The multiPIG+ is a second generation version of the original multiPIG, an all band HF CW transceiver that utilized plug-in band modules. The multiPIG was designed after the miniPIG-10, a 10 meter CW transceiver.

    [miniPIG] - started 17 August 1999 - This project came about when Flying Pig #2, Rick WB6JBM made the comment "we should have a club project to build". We talked about building a qrp radio that was a bit different. A ten meter rig seemed to fit the bill as Rick had no 10 meter capabilities. I gave the idea a little thought. Doing a vfo rig on 10 is a bit ugly. So, how about VXO. I looked around and found this odd crystal 8,064 KHz. I'm not sure where it is used, but it would mix very nicely with a 20 MHz crystal to cover the 10 meter QRP frequency. So I ordered ten 8.064 crystals from (actually manufactured by International Crystal). Built up a little mixer using a NE602 and bingo; we had coverage from 28,055 to 28,065 and the miniPIG-10 was born.
More info can be found here minipig

    [multiPIG] - started in the Fall of 2000 - I wanted to build a multi-band CW transceiver based on the miniPIG-10. All I needed was an all band VFO. I designed a PLL/VCO based on the VCO used in the Elecraft K2, but used a parallel controlled PLL chip that could be set with switches. Ended up with a VCO with an output range of about 5 MHz to 25 MHz which is just what I needed to cover 160 to 10 meters. The multiPIG ended up using Band Modules like the Ten-Tec Scout. About 20 multiPIGs using "UGLY construction" were build as a Flying Pig project.
More info can be found here

    [multiPIG+] - started in the Spring of 2002 - The intent is to design a version of the multiPIG but using PCBs. This will include a set of seven (7) PCBs, all the same size (2.5" x 3.8"). These PCBs will be supplied as 7 individual kits to build the complete multiPIG+. Two main criteria were used in the design; Make it a kit with the experimenter in mind AND make the transceiver a top-notch rig.
More info can be found here multipig.php

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