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          How to wind Toroids without pain.

All Toroids used in the RF-ToolKits are wound the same way...Clockwise!
Here is an example of a Clockwise wound toroid.

and this is an example of a Counter Clockwise wound toroid.

Pre-cut the magnet wire to the required length.
You can use this Toroid Calculator Program to help you determine the correct wire length.
If that program does not work for you then try
Note that every pass through the hole of the toroid is considered one (1) complete turn!

The following is a detailed pictorial narrative for winding toroids in a CW direction:

1. Hold the toroid in your left hand using your thumb and index finger so that half the toroid hole is exposed.
With your right hand, insert half the wire length through the toroid hole. This is one (1) turn.

2. Now grab the toroid with your right hand thumb and index finger and pinch the wire between your thumb and the toroid body.
With your left hand, bring the wire around the toroid toward your left.

3. With your left hands thumb, push and form the wire against and around the toroid body.

4. Now with your left hand, grab the wire end that is pointing toward you and insert the wire end into the center and push the wire through until a half (1/2) inch loop remains.

5. Push the wire loop against the body of the toroid.

6. Now pull the wire from the bottom of the hole towards you while also pushing from the top.
Use caution. Do not allow the wire to scrape on the inside corners.

7. Tightly form the wire around the toroid with your left hand thumb and index finger

8. After you have half the wire wound on the toroid, turn the toroid over and repeat steps 2 thru 7 until finished.

9. When winding the wire around the toroid body, wind it as tight as possible without spreading the wires.
After all the turns are on the toroid, spread the turns evenly with your fingernails until the wire turns cover
about 90 percent (324 degrees) of the toroid. This is important because the inductance for toroids for our kits
are calculated and measured with a 90 percent spread.

Finally, the Clockwise toroid should look like this:

This picture shows 20 turns thru the toroid.
All toroids used in kits are designed to be wound Clockwise.

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