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Build this SMT IF with AGC Module
UNDER CONSTRUCTION - prototype build
Production Version Available ~ Dec 23, 2020

This kit consisting of a 72 dB gain IF Amplifier with AGC that can be used
in a high performance receiver/transceiver.

Functions & Specs:
xx uV RF input range
500 mWatts Audio Output

This kit does NOT include:
   _____ Power Connector and Power Switch
   _____ PCB Enclosure
   _____ Hookup Wire

For Solder Pencil Soldering, this kit recommends:
   _____ Good Quality 45 Degree Diagonal Tweezers.
   _____ HAKKO FX-888D Temperature Controlled Solder Pencil.
   _____ CircuitWorks CW 3220 Liquid Flux.
   _____ Kester Solder 63/37 .028 - use for other parts.

For Hot Air Soldering, this kit recommends:
   _____ Hot Air Gun Model 858D (or better).
            Search for item # 274463047101
   _____ CircuitWorks CW 3220 Liquid Flux.
            Search for item # 202373307435
   _____ Kester Solder 63/37 .020 (0,5 mm) - use for SMDs.
   _____ Mechanic Solder Paste XGZ40 63/37 Paste/Flux 183 Deg C, IPX3, 35g
            Search for item # 223803694552

Prototype#1 Schematic:

Prototype#1 PCB:

Building Instructions:

1. DO NOT remove any parts from the kit until instructed to do so.

2. Some helpful SMT Info / Links

Surface-Mount Soldering Notes by W8BH, Bruce Hall

Youtube Link About Desoldering And Flux

Youtube Link About Capacitors

Youtube Link General SMT Tutorial

Youtube Link Hot Air SMT

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