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Trimmer Capacitors
NPO Disc Capacitors
Polystyrene Capacitors
Silvered Mica Capacitors
Crystals - Matched
W3NQN Filters
WA2EBY Toroid Kit
Variable Inductors
Magnet Wire
Integrated Circuits
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Misc Parts
Organic 5Watter Kits
Transceivers for 17,20,30,40 Meters
Universal Receiver
1Watter-30m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-160m QRPp Xcvr
Retired Kits
SMT Parts
"The Toroid King"

Latest additions to our Inventory

SMT Direct Conversion Module
DC Receiver
BFO Module/Audio Amp

SMT Training Kit
High Quality Audio Amp
CW Band Pass Filter
Spotting Tone Generator

New & Improved WideBand RF Amp
Smaller Footprint - More Gain

New Low Pass Filter PCBs
Can handle up to T80-xx toroidal inductors

Organic 5Watter Transceiver Kits
for 17, 20, 30 and 40 meters

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