Parts list for The Universal Receiver - Version 20180225
25 Feb 2018
The parts list is separated into the following:
1. Common parts list
2. Frequency specific parts list

========= Universal Receiver Common Parts List $20 ========================

Items in Bag #1
C1,4,22   45pF Yellow Trimmer (optional C9 (VFO trim cap) is customer supplied)
C2,5,12,13,18,24,25,26,27,32 - 100n green 2.5mm spacing capacitors
C7        4p7,10pF (coupling caps to recommended frequency counter)
C9        6p8,10pF (experiment caps used to expand frequency range of receiver)
C19,28    10uF (LM386 audio boost and 8 volt filter capacitor)
C29       470uF (main power supply filter capacitor)
C30       33uF (audio coupling to speaker)
C31       1.0uF (AGC voltage filter and delay)

D1        1N5240B Red 10 V Zener (provides stable varactor tune voltage)
D4        MV209 Varactor Diode TO-92 case (optional D5 is customer supplied)
D7        1N4148 Red Signal Diode (produces the AGC voltage)
D8        1N5817 Black Rectifier Diode (used for reverse voltage protection only)

T2        BN-43-2402 small black binocular (impedance matching transformer)

Q1,2      2N3904

R1        1K
R2,11     4K7 (4.7K)
R3,6      16K
R4        1K5 (1.5K)
R5        1K2 (1.2K)
R10       4R7 (4.7)

U1,2	    NE602AD SMT
U3        LM386M-1 SMT
U4        78L08

Items in Bag #2
1 each - stereo phone jacks for speaker/headphones
1 each - 1K Ohm Volume Control - R13
1 each - 10K or 20K or 100K Ohm Tune Control - R14
1 each - BNC Connector
1 each - SPDT on/off Power Switch

Items in Bag #3
PCB  Printed Circuit Board
4" #30 red solderable magnet wire
10" #34 red solderable magnet wire

========= Muting Parts List Kit (sold separately $2) ============

C23       100n green 2.5mm spacing capacitor
R7        1M
R8,9      4M7 (4.7M)
R12       4K7 (4.7K)
Q3,4      J113
D2,3,6    1N4148 red

========= Freq Specific Parts List  (sold separately $10) =======

C3        xxpF (used for Univ Rcvr below 10 MHz only)
C6        xxpF
C8        xxpF
C10       xxpF (for use with VFO operation)
C11       xxpF (for use with VFO operation)
C14,15,16,17 - 470pF or 680pF
C20       xxpF
C21       xxpF

L1        FT37-61 or T37-2
L2        FT50-61 or T50-1 or T50-2 or T50-7
L3        FT37-61 or T37-2
T1        FT37-61 ot T27-1 or T37-2 or T37-6
solderable magnet wire included for all toroids

X1,2,3,4  Matched Filter and BFO Crystals
X5        VCXO Main Tune Crystal

Connector Wire *NOT INCLUDED*
4-40 PCB mounting screws and spacers *NOT INCLUDED*
Band/Frequency Kit sold separately
Instruction on How to Solder *NOT INCLUDED*

===================== End of List ==============================