Audio Muting Kit (for Universal Receiver)

The parts in this Kit are designed for the Universal Receiver.
The Kit includes the following parts/items:

C23 100n green 2.5mm spacing capacitor
R7 1M
R8,9 4M7 (4.7M) (natural sidetone resistors)
R12 4K7 (4.7K) (AGC gain reducton resistor)
Q3,4 J113 (JFET mute switches)
D2,3,6 1N4148 Red Signal Diodes

_____C23: Install the 100n green MUTE delay capacitor

_____R7: Install the 1M resistor

_____R8,9: Install the 4M7 resistors (only if you want natural sidetone)

_____Q3,4: Install the two J113 JFETS

_____D2,3,6: Install the three red 1N4148 Signal Diodes

_____R12: Install the 4K7 resistor (only if you need to reduce the AGC gain)