Half Lattice Filter - variable bandwidth
 Potluck Inventory Excel spreadsheet
 Junk Box VFO
 RF Preamplifier
 Varactor tuned 4 to 24 MHz preselection filter.
 Varactor tuned 4 to 24 MHz preselection filter.
 Varactor tuned 1 to 6 MHz preselection filter.
 My attempt to design an op-amp that is flat from 100 Hz to 30MHz
 WA!FXT Potluck BFO ver. 1.0
 40m BPF
 Audio Amplifier
 Discrete IF
 Twin-T Sidetone Oscillator
 kenwood DFC230
 2P Xtal Ladder Filter ver 1.1
 Discrete broadband RF Amp
 VFO using Bipolar transistor and mechanical variable capacitor
 Post-Mixer Amplifier
 Post Mixer Amplifier
 BFO buffer
 active AF LPF (formerly said: keyer)
 at-mel avr and multipig pll
 Post-Filter IF Amplifier
 An extremely stable VFO (2100 KHz) designed for 40 meters with a 4.9137 MHz IF
 Discrete Audio Amp
 BFO/Carr Osc and Buffers
 Updated ExpressPCB.sch file of Potluck part library & specs
 Class AB Audio Amplifier
 High-Power ARRL Antenna Tuner for Balanced or Unbalanced lines
 Discrete Product Detector Ver 1.1
 expressPCB.com Schematic Capture reference file for the Potluck Contest
 Potluck IF Amplifier Strip ver 1.0
 Semi-Lattice IF Filter
 Double Balanced Mixer
 multiPIG+ Transmitter
 multiPIG+ Receiver
 multiPIG+ SWR Meter
 miniPIG 10 meter CW Transceiver
 multiPIG+ PLL
 multiPIG+ FCC Control Schematic
 A 40/30/20/17/15/12/10 meter phased vertical antenna system
 multiPIG+ Band Pass Filter
 multiPIG+ Low Pass Filter
 Single-Balanced Mixer
 2 MHz VFO and RIT for 40M rig
 Modified Parallel IF Amplifier
 Diode Product Detector

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