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Trimmer Capacitors
NPO Disc Capacitors
Polystyrene Capacitors
Silvered Mica Capacitors
Crystals - Matched
PA3AKE Filters
W3NQN Filters
WA2EBY ToroidKit
Variable Inductors
Magnet Wire
Integrated Circuits
Jacks & Plugs
Transistors & Fets
Misc Parts
Universal Receiver
1Watter-10m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-12m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-15m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-17m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-20m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-30m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-40m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-80m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-160m QRPp Xcvr
5Watt 2-30mHz ClassC Amp
Cable RF Suppression
Retired Kits
Orders FAQ
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Misc parts
Copper Heat Sink, 12 inches for $3.00
Copper Strap Heat Sink 12inx0.5inx0.022in
10K Ohm Variable Resistors Trimmers, 12 for $5.00
Vertical Mount
500 Ohm Variable Resistors Trimmers, 12 for $5.00
6 Vertical Mount & 6 Horizontal Mount
4X3 Matrix Membrane Keypad, 3 for $3.00
4X4 Matrix Membrane Keypad, 3 for $3.00
TO5/39 Small Aluminum Heat Sink, 3 for $3.00

Toroids, Ferrites