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Build this LM386 Audio Amplifier for $8.

LM386 PDF Spec Sheet
Maximum output at 8 ohms is about half (0,5) Watt using +12V
adjustable voltage gain via R1 and C4
optional positive and negative AGC sources.
All parts are included to configure the LM386 Amp kit for maximum gain.
This Audio Amp circuit can be configured for a differential or single ended input.
The suggested single ended input is to ground pin 2 of the 386 (holes provided)
For maximum voltage gain, R1 should be a 0 ohms or a jumper.
C6 is not required and is not included in the kit.
Component holes at R4,D1,D2 and C9 are provided for optional AGC source parts.
A simple AGC circuit to control the Universal HF 612 mixer: Install a red LED at D2. Align the flat side of the LED with the PCB outline. Install a jumper wire at R4 and install a 220uF electrolytic cap at C9 with the negative side to ground. Connect pin2 of J4 to the AGC input on the 612 HF mixer.

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